Monday, 10 January 2011

Pickle starts school

Pickle started school last Wednesday.  I didn't expect to be particularly emotional about it.  Pickle has been at nursery since he was 10mths old - I am used to him being independent of me.  Nevertheless, it was a big deal.  He was so excited and I was so aware of how fast he is growing up. 

Day 1:  He barely looked back when I dropped him into the classroom and I was grateful to be able to leave as I was mostly worrying that Wotsit would wee on the floor at any moment.  When I picked him up his very sweet teacher told me 'he's been fine.  He's very confident' then adding 'in a good way.'  Pickle has been really excited about having school dinners but could only tell me that he'd had potato.  His details about the day were all similarly sketchy.  On the walk home he calls at least 3 children Tom.  According to their parents (who I can only assume would know) not one of the children is actually called Tom!

Day 2:  First trip to Breakfast Club and After School Club which I'm not loving quite as much as the school but Pickle is excited and seems happy enough (could be because there's access to food and television).

Day 3:  Pickle asks why he can't have a packed lunch with crisps.  He goes on to tell me that he's not had a hot dinner because the teachers thought he was having a packed lunch.  He's quite insistent on this when I challenge him.  This is not true - I can see the food around his face.  He confesses later that Friday is chip day and that he had beans too (possibly with something more nutritious but I couldn't be sure).  Pickle also tells me about P.E.  In his words 'there was no climbing or running.  I didn't have to put on my new indoor shoes or my p.e. kit.  I just had to take off my socks and lie on the floor and pretend to be a snake going ssss ssss - it was a bit boring!'

Day 4:  Already talking about Star Wars.  Tom is still his friend (I don't think he's invisible but couldn't be sure).  He had a lovely day.  P.E. was outside so he got to wear his new outdoor shoes but he didn't have any jogging bottoms like the other children (I am a bad mother, I missed that bit of the instructions) so had to wear his school trousers becasue it was a bit cold for shorts.  He fell over at 'they call it break time but I call it outside play' and grazed his hand but was very brave in the bath tonight.  And did some clay modelling.

I loved school and hope this is the beginning of Pickle loving it too.  In fact, I liked it so much that I'm hoping that one day soon I can go back and help out a bit...