Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sanity juice

A bottle of wine appeared through the post not so long ago with this fab message:

"Sanity Juice!  We know you have no choice but to deal with life when it throws its troubles at you, but there are few people who would do it so well.  Thinking of you.."

Thank you lovely people.

Update 12/6

A short update to let you know that Wotsit is doing really well.  So well in fact he is going to school (in his words) ‘for the whole day’.  I am feeling a bit lost...  Really pleased that he’s going in and not too worried about how he’ll be.  The school have been fab, Pickle and his 'girl' friend are poised to look after him and I know someone will call if there’s any problems.  My only worry is about the germs lurking at school.  This is a risk we have weighed up and have decided, for now, that socialising with his friends and maintaining some normality is important if he is to make the transition to year 1 successfully in September.  Wotsit has promised he won’t use the water fountain!  And the school will let us know if there are any serious illnesses present.  We’ll see how he goes.

The next milestone for us is the repeat MRD test which takes place on 23rd July with the results c10 days later.  We’ll update you then.

This is the public version - in reality I am feeling a lot more lost than this describes.  Walking home without Wotsit today was significantly worse than his first day at school.  Creeping into my mind was this sickening thought that one day he might not be here.  I know the odds are good (along with my perspective) but every now and again I imagine the worst.  Not helped, I think, by my father-in-law last night reminding us that 'we're not out of the woods yet'.  We know that, and we are very fortunate that we get through most days without worrying but every now and again we slip.  At least I do.

What was lovely today was seeing Pickle with a protective arm around his brother (showing him the new water fountain he's not allowed to drink from).  And yesterday, at the hospital, Wotist was also awesome undergoing an intramuscular injection which he doesn't like with only a few minor squeaks.  And that is where I get my strength from.  My amazing children. x