Sunday, 23 March 2014

Still here

Whilst 'still here' could be referring to the unplanned and rather long absence from writing on this blog, it's actually referring to Monkey.  Woke up this morning to Pickle insisting I go into his room to listen to a CD he's rediscovered (on the CD player he's recently rediscovered in his very untidy bedroom)!

Wotsit's in there too.  "Mummy, you have to listen to this."  I flop down on Pickle's bed (it is 6.30am on a Sunday morning after all).  Pickle hits play and climbs on to the bed.  Wotsit follows.  We have the best cuddle and then Pickle says "I think I would cry Mummy if instead of Bonnie, it said Alex.  Bring back my Alex to me..."  Me too Pickle.  Me too.

He jumps up and shows me on a piece of paper a list of numbers.  "These are the songs that remind us of Alex, Mummy".

I'm not sure how number two son became such a sensitive soul.  I suspect it does stem from us losing Monkey when he was so young; perhaps it's something about the way I was when he was little.  I don't know but I hope he can harness it in some way as he grows up.

Anyway, Monkey - it is wonderful to know that you are still here.  Not only in my thoughts but in their's too.