Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"Look Mummy, there's a low loader"

Pickle is 3. He asks lots of questions. In the last few months we've had some interesting discussions about his big brother where you can see he is starting to think for himself but also copy a lot of learned behaviours and comments. 'Alex died didn't he Mummy? (copied). He's with Nan now isn't he Mummy? (making connections). We can't see him any more can we Mummy? (copied) It's a bit sad though isn't it Mummy? (copied and almost exactly matches my tone when I say this). He's still my big brother though isn't he Mummy? (copied). Mummy can we have another baby and he can be my big brother? (thinking for himself). Just as I am reasonably stumped as to how to respond to this, without missing a beat or changing the tone, 'Look Mummy, there's a low loader'. Oh to be 3...

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