Monday, 21 December 2009

A new found respect for my husband

I've always known that I'm spoilt by my husband. He cooks most meals (he's better at it -in fact he's reasonably brilliant at it), he empties the nappy bin, he cleans out the chickens, he tidies the kitchen, he starts my car when it's frozen, he'll happily do the food shopping, he'll change a dirty nappy if I ask him to, I sometimes get to have a bath for an hour on a Saturday morning, he rubs my very tense shoulders and he even occassionally cleans my shoes.

And it's all on hold! A trip to the tip at the weekend, some ice, a paving slab... Need I say more? One broken arm later and I'm in charge of all these things. I can't promise this feeling will last 6 weeks, but so far I'm quite enjoying it; being a bit more independent and, if I'm honest, maybe a bit less selfish and a bit more helpful.

Slightly apprehensive that this is the first year we have persuaded the entire family to come to our house for Chistmas and my chef is incapacitated! Turkey fajitas anyone?! (Mend quickly darling.)


  1. Honestly, some men will do anything to get out of domestic tasks. My husband 'accidentally' got food poisoning from a Chinese takeaway on the very day we moved house. Talk about selfish! Hope the entertaining goes well, and you have a lovely Xmas.

  2. Have a lovely Christmas. (Our oven doesn't actually work so we'll be knocking up a coq au vin. Very retro) I'm sure you will manage brilliantly and be a multi-tasking marvel! xx