Friday, 2 December 2011

Pickle the peacemaker

Wotsit has rediscovered tantrums.  Thankfully, they've always been reasonably shortlived however they can be triggered by very minor incidents.  Like cutting up his carrots for him!

Yesterday, I deigned to take the lid off his yoghurt.  Cue stroppy talk:  "Mummy, I wanted to take the lid off.  I do not want that yoghurt.  I want to take the lid off a different one."

I apologise for removing the lid but ask Wotsit to settle down and eat up.  He is not remotely placated.  "I DON'T WANT THAT YOGHURT".  This continues for a bit so I take the yoghurt (and the spoon being wielded as some sort of weapon) and start eating it.  Wotsit gets louder.

At this point, Pickle pipes up (he hates to see his brother upset).  "Oliver, perhaps if you eat that yoghurt, Mummy will let you get a new one from the fridge afterwards and you can take the lid off that one".  I'm impressed with his negotiating prowess - no-one needs to back down; everybody's happy (I only wish I'd thought of it myself!).  Wotsit and I eye each other up.  I nod. "That sounds reasonable".  Wotsit concedes and starts eating.

When he's finished he asks if he can have another one.  "Of course" I say "help yourself".  Wotsit trundles across to the fridge and comes back to the table beaming.

Two minutes later "Mummy, could you help me with the lid on this yoghurt please, it's a bit tricky". 

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