Monday, 7 May 2012

Perceptive Pickle

I miss our old house Mummy, not just because that's where Alex lived with us but because...

I think I tuned out at this point (sorry Pickle).  You went on to say something about how it was nice to come upstairs at night time if you had a nightmare so I could come back down and tuck you into bed.  Which I have to say surprises me a little given our current sleeping arrangements where you sleep with your brother and we're right next door - particularly given you are not all that brave.

Anyway, I know you are perceptive (I've said it before) but this surprised me.  Monkey died when you were 9 months old.  I thought you were attached to the house because you had a big bedroom, we had chickens, you had an awesome playroom, a massive garden, a ride on tractor, a lovely school and lots of friends nearby.

I wonder if you've heard me say this.  It's possible but I don't think you have.  I have said it a lot but I've always tried not to say it in front of you as you are a sensitive soul.  Plus you may have used it as a reason to persuade me to stay and I'm not sure I would have coped well with that.

Anyway, just so you know, I like that you said it.


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