Saturday, 6 March 2010

Surplus to requirements

It's been a lovely day. Despite, for a few moments, feeling I was surplus to requirements. I don't want to be a Mum who needs her children to need her but it does take some getting used to when you suddenly realise their independence...

Pickle was playing with his cousin in the (very muddy) garden. Out I went with Wotsit. In his wellies he's a wobbly walker so there we were, hand in hand. We had a little plod around the garden, then stood and watched Daddy rotovating.

And then Wotsit let go.

He wandered off without so much as a backward glance. Climbed over the garden wall and found his brother and bigger cousin. I was proud momentarily, admiring his independence. And then I floundered a little. Obviously I'm not completely surplus to requirements - he is after all only 18 months old. But it was definietly a glimpse of the future. I was a bit sad and suddenly very broody. So I reached for the smallest nephew and gave him a great big hug.

Moments later, Wotsit took a (minor) tumble and I was needed once more.

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  1. I know what you mean hunni. I still find it hard when J explores his independance. But like you say, its that not wanting to be needed at the same time but I guess as a mother they are constantly in our heads and for them sometimes something more exciting exists for a moment!