Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Crystal Ball

I'd quite like a crystal ball. I think I'd like to know where we're going to end up and then I could work out the best way to get there! I know it doesn't work like that but it seems to me that it should. That's what I do at work. I work out what we ought to be doing, review some options, make some recommendations and set about implementing it.

I know there are lots of arguments against this and I know I should just be enjoying the journey. But it's all a bit stressful at the moment. Husband has lost his job at a time when I was hoping to lose mine. I keep searching for places to live (house porn as my husband calls it) and really want the boys to be settled somewhere when they start school (Pickle starts in January 2011). I don't even mind if we stay where we are (as long as we can afford the mortgage), I'd just like some certainty.

I'm sure I remember posting, not that long ago, that I was going to try and go with the flow. I think I lied!

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