Monday, 19 July 2010

Flying solo

I quite literally managed to fly solo.  Well, I say that, I wasn't actually piloting the plane.  But I did fly from Luton to Belfast alone, managing to leave my children behind without leaving any notes (or posts) saying how much I loved them in the event of my death.  I did ask one friend if she'd stay in touch with the boys if something did happen but only because I wanted her to know that I'd like her to.  I realise to any frequent flyers this is a touch melodramatic, even my former (pre-kids) self who has happily(ish) flown to Australia alone, realises this - nonetheless I was pretty proud of myself.  Also glad it's over. 

Life has been reasonably hectic lately.  Working a bit too hard (although feeling like I'm not doing quite enough), seeing lots of friends, writing a charity newsletter for and trying to be a good Mum and a good enough wife.  Think I'm just about holding it together.     

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  1. Hey there, glad you are ok. Over the past year I have become a nervous flyer. Before kids I wouldn't have given it a second thought!