Friday, 30 March 2012

Wotsit's views on parenting skills

Collected Wotsit early yesterday so we could watch Pickle's Easter Service together.  Loved the conversation we had on the way:

Wotsit:  I hope they do Away in a Manger
Me:  Unlikely darling, they tend to only sing that at Christmas.  

Wotsit:  Will Baby Jesus be there?
Me:  No sweetheart.  Christmas is when people celebrate Jesus being born.  It's coming up to Easter which is when people remember about Jesus's death.

Wotist:  I'm not going to die Mummy.
Me:  Everyone dies sometime darling.  Not usually until they are quite old though.

Wotist:  Beckly's old Mummy (Becky's 20!).
Me:  Laughter

Wotsit:  She's definitely old mummy, she's older than you.
Me:  Why do you think she's older than me darling?
Wotsit:  Because she's better at looking after me. (Ouch.)

Me:  Why's that Wotsit?
Wotsit:  Because she lets me do whatever I want!!!  (That's not strictly true).

Wotsit's last day at nursery today.  Becky and I haven't been able to look at each other all week for fear of crying.  I'll be taking the tissues with me to collect him later.  But I'm pretty sure there'll be laughter on the way home...

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