Friday, 30 March 2012

Goodbye (proper) work.

Well it certainly was an emotional week but maybe not quite as tearful as I thought.  Thursday night was lovely and managed to get through Friday without falling apart.

My bossfriend did a fabulous leaving presentation and even managed to shed a tear himself.  He'd managed to find my graduate application form from 1996!  I'm not sure how, on the basis of that form, I even managed to get an interview. (The person I admired most...  Nelson Mandela.  My biggest achievement...  saving up to go to Australia.  Example of influencing people... during my teacher training degree (which I dropped out of) I often had to influence the children to do what I wanted to them to!).  He also read out snippets of my performance reviews from years gone by.  They were lovely to hear and at the time I believed I was doing a great job.  Not sure when that feeling stopped - think probably when I had the boys and I couldn't give the job my all and maybe when I started working with people who were a lot cleverer than me!  I had some beautiful gifts and the whole thing was topped off by a delivery from the Milk Tray man (aka one of my team (very handsome Portugese boy/man) in a black polo neck jumper!)  I held it together throughout and only lost it a couple of times later in the day.  Hardest of all was saying goodbye to those people I probably won't see again.

Whilst I'm pretty sure I should be measuring my success over 16 years based on customer retention or profitability.  I hope what I achieved was to make a difference to some of the people I've worked with in the same way that they have done for me. 

To top it all off I went to the opera and intermittently fell asleep!

Goodbye (proper) work.  Goodbye salary!


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