Monday, 15 April 2013

If I stay in bed...

Do you ever think, if I stay in bed and don't get up to face this day then maybe it won't happen? Today is one of those days.

I slept at home last night (7.5hrs of precious, uninterrupted sleep) so that I can take Pickle back to school and explain to his and Wotsit's teachers about the leukaemia. The thought of facing everyone at school who, on the face of it at least, will be going about their normal uncomplicated lives, is making me feel sick.

Then, later, I'll head back to hospital before Wotsit goes down to theatre to have 3 procedures under general anaesthetic. A bone marrow sample, a lumbar puncture to check no leukaemia has made it into the central nervous system and a shot of chemo for good measure to stop it going there. Finally, a semi permanent line will be put in his arm. He will wake up sore and grumpy.

I know it's what needs to happen and it's all helping Wotsit get better but somehow my bed seems more appealing. However, seeing as I can't stop time, here we go. Let's start this day.

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