Saturday, 13 April 2013


Wotsit told me it has been a good day. Not bad for a little boy who knows that his white blood cells are being naughty. Pickle also took the news well and asked lots of really good questions.

Wotsit has charmed a ward full of nurses and Pickle has demonstrated, as ever, that he is an amazing big brother.

I've phoned a lot of people and texted others, confirming again what I already knew - our friends are amazing too.

I've cried some* tears today. I think the realisation of what's to follow is sinking in and I'm sad about the impact this will have on my children's childhood.

Some good news tonight though. We are being transferred to the Royal Marsden tomorrow and the leukaemia appears to be ALL which is the most common and curable form with a 90% survival rate. Whilst our luck (clearly) isn't legendary, we are hoping for the best.

Night night x

*bucket loads

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