Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Disability awareness at 3

Pickle came home from nursery yesterday telling me about a boy who was sick in The Hut (his room at nursery) - fascinating to a 3 year old. I'm thinking 'great, hope there's not some kind of bug going around'. He went on to say that the little boy couldn't walk like Monkey and that he was disabled. All perfectly believable although I was worried that his imagination had taken over (the nursery room isn't that accessible and I hadn't seen any disabled children). When he said there was another little boy who was disabled, I really thought he was making it up (is that awful?).

Anyway, I asked the girls tonight and he is absolutely right so I am proud of my little boy's disability awareness.

Pickle and I went on to have a further chat when he referred to the boys with disabilities as babies. I asked if they were babies or big boys who couldn't walk. He decided that they were big boys who couldn't walk just like his big brother who was bigger than him so couldn't have been a baby. Good logic, Son.