Monday, 4 January 2010

Unconnected, reasonably random thoughts

So here's what's in my mind at the moment:

1) New Year's Eve was lovely - highlight was seeing the New Year in with a hot chocolate - I know how to party!
2) I really would like to do something with my life that is a little more worthwhile (referring to my day job rather than the upbringing of the boys).
3) I'd love to sleep the whole night through with no interruptions (last night it was Pickle, Wotsit & Husband).
4) Wotsit really is becoming a Wotsit. Think I may have experienced his first tantrum yesterday - wow! He is both a daredevil and a terror.
5) Managed a short run yesterday morning (reasonably treacherous given the ice). Stopped at the church yard and a had a few tears at Monkey's plaque - another year/every year without you.
6) Must buy my husband's birthday present (potato ricer, conical sieve and a cake stand - what more could a man want?).
7) Rupert Penryn-Jones is lovely, even in a dress and The Priory was a fab play.

Is it any wonder I feel quite tired?


  1. Happy New Year and here's to a good nights sleep. I've tagged you for a meme over at mine. Hope you don't mind x

  2. good for you with the run, and for the clever present for your husband (he is indeed a lucky man!). I tagged you on a meme but think it's the same as carrot in her hair as that's where it came from (before the person who tagged me!) gosh how exhausting. must go to bed now! x

  3. Ohhh I love my potato ricer and boy are they expensive! and Rupert - what good taste you have. Just found your blog via BMB, very touching. Mich x