Saturday, 24 April 2010

I am selfish

At the minute, I'm working compressed working hours. This means I'm in the office at 7.30am and rarely get to see Wotsit before he wakes up. Doing this means I can have Wednesdays off with the boys and get paid for 5 days a week. A little while ago, we needed the money. Now my husband is about to start a new job and I can't decide whether to continue these hours or go back to 4 days.

A bit of me says carry on, at least until husband is through his probationary period at work (6 months), earn a bit more money, save it and help towards the long term plan of finding a different job when the boys start school. If I'm on honest, the bit of the day I'm missing out on is normally quite stressful. Getting everyone dressed and out the door on time. I've always found this easier if there's just one adult trying to be in charge! Do the boys miss me? Pickle's okay I think. Wotist's a bit clingy but not sure if the two things are connected. I'm also a lot better at my job and I like that.

I think mostly my motives are selfish but I think it works for the family so I may carry on a bit longer and see how we get on. The bad news is there's less time for blogging!

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  1. Sometimes for the sake of how we interact with our children and how we parent we have to do whats best for us xx