Sunday, 18 April 2010

Run a mile

Finally feeling better after a couple of weeks of some kind of lurgy. Scared myself by passing out at my in-law's house. Only happened the once, 4am whilst sitting on the loo (how glamarous). I was reassured in the morning that everyone heard the crash, thought one of the children had fallen out of bed, waited for the cry and when it didn't come, rolled over and went back to sleep. I did wake my husband up - he cleared the blood off the bathroom floor and bought me some frozen peas for my head.

A few days holday with family followed. Definitely the best place to be when you're feeling under the weather. Kids had a blast at the 'pirate ship' hotel, were well behaved and grew up before my eyes.

Back to work, still feeling groggy but not groggy enough to stay at home. Week was busy but all ok. And then a lovely weekend. Swimming with boys, shopping with friends, a babysitter for a night out on Saturday.

Today, managed a short run this morning and then took the kids to the park where we watched the end of a 10k run in our local town. This was followed by a kids fun run - 1 mile. Pickle was desperately uninterested, he was working his way through a picnic and running didn't appear that attractive. Moments before the race started he decided he wanted to join in. He was going to do it with my friend but, at the last minute, needed Mummy. We weren't aiming to do the whole mile but turns out Pickle has some of my determination and responded fantastically well to encouragement from marshalls along the way. Much to his delight, he pipped me at the post and crossed the finish line ahead of me. He was rewarded with a medal. I was very proud. No need to scratch around for something to take to show and tell tomorrow morning!

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  1. Awww yay! Go Pickle! How wonderful! God you must be exhausted though having run that morning yourself lol! Nice one! : D