Monday, 13 May 2013

Update 3/5

Wotsit was discharged last Friday and we've had a great week at home. Having the whole family in one place is undoubtedly easier and a lot more fun. Wotsit's highlight of the week would probably be chips and ketchup at the local pub. He talks of little else. The steroids have kicked in big time and are now affecting both appetite and moods. I hate to think what will happen if we ever actually run out of houmous!

Medicine became a huge battle again once we came home (tears all round) but Wotsit has decided that 'quickly is best' and is now being a superstar. No fuss at all. He was sick a couple of times last weekend but anti-sickness meds are currently doing their job v well.

The community nurse visited Wednesday and reattached Wotsit's line so she could take blood. Not a pleasant experience. Wotsit doesn't seem to mind the needle but has a pathological hatred of cold cream and tape. I feel sorry for the neighbour who was knocking on the door at that particular time! I'm hoping that this will become another minor procedure which Wotsit will learn to tolerate soon. The blood results weren't too bad but he's had a blood transfusion today just to boost his haemoglobin and platelets.

The tippy-toe walking, brought on by the Vincristine, has reduced but still need to watch for this (and continue the physio) as the drug builds up in his body. Wotsit's not particularly keen on walking far at the minute so we've borrowed a pushchair to help us venture to the park. However, I think he's enjoying being pushed a little bit too much...

Wotsit's provisional bone marrow test yesterday wasn't required, as last week's test showed a good enough reduction in leukaemia cells. A good sign at this stage.

Chemo today. All good, just a lot of hanging around. Appointment at 10, left hospital at 11.45. Then back for blood transfusion at 2.15. Finally home at 6. Luckily, Wotsit has been showered with gifts (thank you & no more please) making entertaining him pretty easy. If that doesn't work, I just ply him with food.

We've had a few visitors this week and it's been great to see some friendly faces. Wotsit's been tired so hasn't been running around with his buddies but he has enjoyed their company. I think they're a little more entertaining than Mummy!

I'll try and update weekly but if you don't hear from us, please don't worry, it means there's nothing exciting to say and therefore all must be well.

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