Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 51

I should prefix this post by saying how well Wotsit has been. In at school c50% of the time, fully participating in sports day (a few tears from mummy) running, climbing, bouncing, cycling and paddling. He's having a high dose of chemo and requiring blood and platelets intermittently but has carried on as usual. He's been neutropenic for weeks but has been amazingly well.  Quite frankly, I was beginning to think (hope) he was superhuman.

So, Day 51 of Wotsit's treatment starts as usual. We scoot to school to drop off Pickle. Wotsit tells his teacher he'll be in after lunch. I say "we'll see". He's due chemo at 10am and I'd prefer it if he didn't go straight back into school. We scoot home. 

I squeeze in 30 mins of work before heading to the hospital. As normal everything takes a little bit longer than it should but it's all done by 11.45. Our lovely chemo nurse says she won't see us for a while as the next phase of our treatment will be at the Royal Marsden, unless Wotsit is ill. We say "in that case, we hope not to see you for a quite some time" and head off. 

We have a quietish afternoon and Wotsit seems a bit subdued (but then, he has just had chemo). We sneak in and watch his brother's end of year performance for siblings just in case Wotsit doesn't make it to assembly the next morning (what foresight!). We chill at home and then collect Pickle in the car after school as Wotsit is a bit tired. (Plus it's 30 degrees outside and we're all close to melting point). 

The boys play beautifully, they've missed each other at school today. Just before tea, Wotsit tells me he's cold. Given it's now about 120 degrees outside, I realise that's not quite right. His temperature is just over 38 degrees so we wait the designated hour (in which Wotsit refuses tea) and take it again. The same. 

So, here we are. Back much sooner than we thought. Admitted for 48hrs for a shot of IV antibiotics and some blood for good measure. No obvious signs of infection; hopefully it's just viral and we'll be home again soon.

I confessed to the lovely chemo nurse that I'd been hoping Wotsit would achieve some kind of record - the most number of days into his treatment without needing to be admitted. She said, he did.

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