Saturday, 20 February 2010

Glue sniffing

Hard to know how to follow the last post and I will need more time to collect my thoughts and work out what I'd like to share next, so here's an interlude...

Wotsit and Pickle have their names on their bedroom doors. We recently lost a letter. This morning my husband (after fixing the toilet seat) turns his attention to the door. He fetches the 'contact adhesive' (couldn't just be glue) and sets about tackling the job. Pickle is watching avidly and I hear from Daddy 'you musn't touch Pickle'. Good advice, I think. And then... 'Would you like to smell it?'.

If he has a solvent dependency in years to come, at least I'll know where it started.

The good news? 'Olive' has become a boy once more.

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