Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Last Day

It was a Friday in August
A hot sunny day
So unremarkable in so many ways
Mum phoned in the morning
We did normal things
We went to the park and Jake played on the swings
You were a little bit grumpy
Tired I think
I spent too long on the net, you had forty winks
You had tea in the garden
We got ready for bed
Mr Lazy the bedtime story we read
Your Dad came home early
He kissed you good night
I told you I loved you and tucked you up tight
It was a beautiful evening
Friends came for tea
We drank wine on the lawn, I was glad to be me
I checked on you later
At twenty past nine
But you’d gone to sleep for the very last time.

Love you forever little man x


  1. That is so beautiful. Really touching. Tear in my eye. Hope you don't mind if I link to it from my blog. I really think people would appreciate what a beautiful poem this is x

  2. I have no idea how you write these posts. I had a little boy who was born at 26 weeks. After 30 days of fighting he died in the NICU which he had never left. I have been trying to blog about it and just can't. He died August 6th, 2007 - close to your boy

  3. Moiderer - I'm enjoying blogging about it. I find it hard to talk about but easy to write. Although I have some very lovely friends, as time passes, I feel all conversations shouldn't lead back to Monkey, even when I want them to. Also hoping it might help others talk about whatever their equivalent is. Really sorry to hear about your little boy. x

  4. So so moving. What a beautiful beautiful poem. I really hope that you are finding some release through your writing x

  5. I beautiful poem.

    Re your comment above and your comment on my 'other' blog ... I find writing about my Mum far easier and so very cathartic. I find speaking about it very difficult.